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About Supernova Sound

Charlie Malone, composer and producer for multimedia, freelances to produce scores for videogames, films, and other media applications. A veteran in the videogame industry, he is the owner of and main creative force behind Supernova sound. Charlie's history composing music for video games dates back to 1994 with music composed for the "Demolition Man" game developed and published by Virgin Interactive.

Charlie has been making electronic music since 1987 when he got his first synthesizer, a Roland Juno 1. “I’ve always liked a lot of different kinds of music, but back when I started, my main influences were euro techno pop bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Erasure and Kraftwerk.”.

As time went by, Charlie explored different styles and artistic directions with his music. Teaming up with different collaborators he dabbled in pop, rock, funk and soundtrack scoring. In the late 1980s he formed the band “Paxwo” with his friend Curtis Krone. Paxwo performed around So Cal and released a couple of independent albums.

In the mid 90s Charlie was hired by Tommy Tallirico to create music for the “Demolition Man” videogame that was being developed by Virgin Interactive. The game was released and shortly fell into obscurity due mainly because it was developed for the 3DO console, which was taken off of the market a few months later. Charlie has decided to pursue a different type of career and dropped out of the music business for a few years to become a server support technician.

Around 1998 Charlie started focusing on composing again and created “Electroid“. The original idea behind Electroid was to create strictly “Electro” or “West Coast Techno”. In 2000, Florida based Tweak Records released the “Electroid EP”, a four song floor pounder with an old school flavor. After several performances as “Electroid”, Charlie created : supernova sound and took several “commercial jobs” creating different types of music for various companies. More recently, Charlie’s focus has been once again directed towards the videogame industry.

PC, Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3,Playstation 2, PSP, iPhone:
Just Dance Kids 2 - Ubisoft
Smurfs Dance Party - Ubisoft
Ninja Junk Punch - Snow Day Games
10 Minute Solution Knockout Body - Activision
Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore 2 – Konami
Pac Man World Rally – Namco Bandai
Demolition Man – Virgin Interactive

Television / Film:
One Of Them - Independent Film By Gary Iacobucci
Aurora (Telenovela) - Telemundo
America’s Got Talent – NBC

Electroid : Rebuilt – Video game remix album commissioned by and on sale at Videogames Live
Electroid : Break 2000 – 12″ single vinyl dance release on Tweak Records (FL)

Professional club DJ 1994 to present

On stage Dj and Music Director for the Independent Games Festival Awards – 2006 to present

On stage Dj and Music Director for the Game Developers Choice Awards – 2006 to present

Uberzone / Nitrus Records Remixes:
From the Uberzone album IDEOLOGY:
Uberzone – 4 Bit (1 Bit Downgrade Remix) as Electroid
Uberzone – 4 Bit (Electroid Remix) as Electroid
Uberzone vs Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Mashup) as Electroid
Uberzone vs The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction (Mashup) as Electroid
Uberzone vs Eon – Fubar Basket Case (Mashup) as Electroid
Uberzone vs Chemical Bros – Fubar Again (Mashup) as Electroid

Wired All Wrong:
Wired All Wrong vs Beck – Elevatin Devils Haircut (Mashup)
Wired All Wrong vs Hellogoodbye – Elevatin Here (In Your Arms) (Mashup)

Video Game:

Dojo (Remixed for the 2007 G.A.N.G. Awards Performance) – From the Red Steel soundtrack composed by Tom Salta

Songs that were remixed for DJing or awards shows:

Earthworm Jim – Main theme (Electro Remix) – Walkup music for Tommy Tallarico
Metal Gear Solid (Heavy Remix) – Walkup music for Hideo Kojima
Nintendo Megamix – Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, The Legend Of Zelda – Walkup music for Shigeru Miyamoto
Wing Commander – Main Theme (Electro Remix) – Walk up music for George Sanger
Tetris – Main Theme (Hard Remix) – Walk up music for Alexey Pajitnov
Flow – Main Theme (Glitch Remix) – Walk up music for Thatgamecompany
Portal (Still Alive) (Electro Remix) – Walk up music for Valve
Halo – Main theme (8 Bit Remix) – Walkup music for Marty O’Donnell
The Legend of Zelda (New Wave Remix) – Walkup music for Nintendo
Nintendogs – Shopping Music (Remix) – Walkup music for Nintendo

Silent Hill – Main Theme (New Romantic Remix)
Ghosts and Goblins – Main Theme (Elecorchestra Remix)
Super Mario Brothers vs Van Halen – Jump (Mashup)
Tetris – Main Theme (Hard Remix)
Super Mario Brothers (Dub Remix)
Halo – Main theme (8 Bit Remix)
Marble Madness – Main Theme (Electro Remix)
Castlevania _ Vampire Killer (Remix)
The Legend Zelda – Main Theme (New Wave Remix)
Metal Gear Solid 2 (Ambient Remix)
Frogger – Main Theme (Hard Remix)
Outrun – Passing Breeze (remix)
Sonic The Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone (Remix)
Tron – Sea of simulation (Lounge Remix)
Rastan – Main Theme (Drum and Bass Remix)
Retrocade – Medley of songs and sound effects from video games (1978 to 1983)

For “Pac-Man World Rally” game published by Namco Bandai:
Pac Man – Main Theme
Ms. Pac Man – Main Theme
Galaga – Main Theme
Dig Dug – Main Theme
Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man Combo (Electro Remix)
Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man Combo (Alt Remix)
Galaga / Dig Dug Combo (Electro Remix)
Galaga / Dig Dug Combo (Rock Remix)

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